Heritage and Environment

The Heritage and Environment Committee meets on the 1st Monday of each month to consider:

  • Planning applications made in the preceding month
  • Preservation and heritage issues affecting Windsor and Eton
  • The Neighbourhood Plan
  • Other matters connected with, or ancillary to, the Heritage Agenda

Members of the public are welcome to contact us on any of the above issues. Also, developers have found it useful to contact us before submitting a planning application, to gather comments on their proposals.  We would encourage this.

Borough Local Plan Sites Consultation

As part of the Local Plan the Royal Borough has issued a consultation document listing various sites in the Windsor Sub-area designating them either for housing or employment. The closing date was 31st December 2012 but was extended to 11th January 2013 and is now closed. 

The Planning Applications currently subject to review by the Committee are:

Application No. / Date





14/00282 La Taverna Restaurant, 2 River Street, Windsor Infill front extension and new shop-front including alterations to customer access. See plans and comments here Permitted Present interesting design is to be replaced with functional one
14/00154 4-6 Dorset Road, Windsor Construction of replacement dwelling. See plans and comments here Withdrawn Proposes a narrow building with roof-line lower than neighbouring buildings. Does not enhance the Conservation Area
14/00088 & 93 45 King's Road, Windsor Single storey rear extension, 1st floor rear extension to create ensuite shower room, 2 new windows to rear and other works. See plans and comments here Permitted Proposals not appropriate for a listed building in a Conservation Area
14/00011 The Queen, 282 Dedworth Road, Windsor

Erection of 6*1 bed-room flats, 6*2 bed-room flats and commercial unit on ground floor. See plans and comments here


  Overdevelopment of the site. Proposed 3 storey building too high. Will create traffic problems
13/03265 & 6 December 2013 Forerunner Chapel, The Convent, Hatch Lane, Windsor Change of use to form a dwelling. See the plans and comments here Refused The space has been designated in the original permission for public use not development

13/01331 & 3

May 2013

45 King's Road, Windsor 3 storey extension with roof terrace on second floor. See plans and comments here Refused  Modern design not appropriate for Conservation Area


May 2103

Off Jenning's Wharf, Windsor Erection of a pontoon with gate for access. See plans and comments here Refused Pontoon too large. Gang-way more suitable


April 2013

116-118 Peascod Street – Metro Bank New shop front and ATM. See the plans and comments here Refused The design does not enhance the Conservation Area. Peascod Street already has too many undistinguished buildings.


February 2013

10a Clarence Rd, Windsor Demolition of existing building. Construction of 3 2-bed and 1 3-bed apts with new basement. See the plans and comments here Withdrawn Support demolition and additional storey. Street facade fist in but the design of the rear is too modern. Balconies inappropriate and will overlook neighbours


January 2013

Mahjacks – 61-63 and 55-59 Dedworth Rd Windsor Mixed use development – ground floor retail with 13 flats above.See the plans and comments here Permitted Building too massive.Overdevelopment of the site.Inadequate parking and dangerous access. Increased traffic will be generated.


January 2013

34 & 35 Thames St, Windsor Redevelopment of site to create restaurant and 8 flats over 5 storeys with a dwelling in rear courtyard. See the plans and comments here Permitted We support this development


December 2012

Mooring opposite Mercer House, Thames Side, Windsor Change of use to a permanent mooring for a floating public house. See the plans andcomments here Refused Inappropriate location together with problems of parking, noise and anti-social behaviour


December 2012

Bricklayer's Arms, Hatch Lane, Windsor Construction of 3 town houses following demolition of pub. See plans and comments here Permitted Demolition is opposed and listing is being sought.Design of proposed houses more suitable for town centre


December 2012

Windsor Ex-Servicemen's Club, 107 St Leonards Rd, Windsor Demolition of existing club and replacement with new club and 7 3 storey town houses. See the plans and comments here Withdrawn Overdevelopment of the site which will reduce the number of car parking spaces

12/ 03190

November 2012

The Mitre pub, Oxford Road Demolition of pub and replacement by 2 3 bed semi-detached dwellings. See the plans and comments here. Refused  Current property should more                                                               appropriately be developed as a single building with sufficient off-street parking. 


November 2012

The Mitre pub, Oxford Road Demolition of pub and replacement by 3×1 bed and 4×2 bed flats. See the plans and comments here Refused  See above

12/02727 & 12/02730 

October 2012

17 Gloucester Place

Demolition of the existing structure and its replacement with two semi-detached houses. See the plans and comments here.


Development in a Conservation Area which was considered not sympathetic to its setting


October 2012

The Sandles and Rose Cottage, Eton

Demolition of the existing buildings and the construction of 11 3 storey town houses. See the plans and comments here




For an expanded explanation of any application and the Society's views on that application, please enter the application address into the Search engine.  There is a facility on this page to contribute your own comment.



The members of the Society on the Heritage and Environment Committee are:

Mr Andrew Melville (Chair)

Dr David Lewis

Mrs Susy Shearer

Mrs Jane Daly

Mr Gary Marshall

Mrs Jane Simpson

Mrs Raewyn Porteus

Mr John Edwards

Mrs Anne Taylor

Mr David Eglise

Mr John Bastow

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